Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analyst


Big Data Analysts have one aim and that is to assist businesses in highlighting the true potential of Big Data in positive business decisions. Big Data Analysts collect information from multiple sources and also organization’s data to interpret the data for extracting information that could be beneficial for businesses. The Big Data Analyst have to visualize and convey their key findings by preparing comprehensive reports, graphs and charts. Once, the idea is visualized by everyone, then the IT & business team will brainstorm how to use those insights and improve decisions.The enhanced decisions will boost revenues, influence customer decisions, increase customer satisfaction and much more. Big Data Analysts are usually called by the business to carry out market competitive analysis while identifying in-demand trends.

A Big Data Analyst must spend time working with Big Data, analytics tools such as MS Excel, MS Office, SAS, Tableau, QlikView, Hadoop, Spark, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Hive, Pig, R, Python, and SQL. Big Data Analytics brings an almost endless source of business and detailed insights that could lead to efficiency improvement and new windows of opportunities for organizations to offer revenue in almost every sector. From cases like customer personalization to risk management, to identifying fraud, to operational analysis and some others. Exploring value within the raw data brings with it several challenges for teams. Every organization has many needs and data assets. Businesses also have to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. An accomplished Big Data Analytics operation needs huge computing resources, relevant infrastructure and skilled human resources.

Operations could fail even before they provide value with the lack of computing power. With the rapid technological advancement, now Big Data tools are ever-increasingly accessible. The concept of Big Data is around for many years, many companies now fully understand that if they utilize all the relevant Data that streams in their business, then they can apply analytics and gain significant amounts of value in return. Now the Big Data Analytics brings a lot to the table with speed and efficiency. The capability to work faster and stay agile offers companies the edge their business need, which they didn’t have earlier.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to a large amount of data that is falling in from several data sources and has different formats. It is something valuable that could be used to analyze the insights leading to much better decisions and strategic business moves. It is also proved that Big Data training and Big Data Hadoop training are quite useful from professional institutes like Skylineittech.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the science of inspecting raw data to conclude that information. It’s all about exploring valuable information from the data to assist the decision-making process in a much more efficient manner. This process may include examining, cleansing, transforming and modelling data.

Origin of Big Data:

Big Data emerged from the 2000s data boom in the IT sector driven by many of the internet and IT companies. Hardware and software capabilities could, for the very first time in the history of mankind, keep safe huge amounts of data produced by consumers. New developments such as search engines, mobile devices and high-tech industrial machines provided as much data as companies could handle. The scale of this data kept growing even now.

In a research study that was conducted by IDC, the Market Intelligence Company estimated that the global production of data will kept growing ten times from 2015 to 2020. With the humongous growth in collectable data, it very soon became evident that traditional data technologies that may include data warehouses and databases were not suited to operate with the influx of unstructured data. The early Big Data innovation missions were open-sourced under the Apache Software Foundation with the most important contribution incoming from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, IBM, Academia and others. Some of the most used search engines are as follows:

Apache Hive/Hadoop:

Apache Hive/Hadoop that was developed at Yahoo, Google and Facebook is the workhorse for complex ETL and data preparation that services information to many analytics environments or data stores for additional analysis.

Apache Spark:

Apache Spark was developed at the University of California, Berkley intended to be utilized with heavy computing jobs that may usually batch ETL and ML workloads, but could also be used in conjunction with the technologies such as Apache Kafka.


Presto was developed by Facebook, is a SQL engine that is very fast and reliable to report and ad-hoc analytics.

Why Big Data Analytics is Significant?

Big Data Analytics helps companies harness their data to use it in the identification of new opportunities, which in return lead o smarter business decisions and moves including efficient operations, higher profits and satisfied customers. Following are the effective usages of Big Data training online Analytics:

  • Cost reduction
  • Efficient Decision making
  • Newer products & Services

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