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Get started in the job placement-oriented field of Data Analytics with a professional training certificate from SKYLINE IT TECH. Grab job-ready latest skills such as how to analyze and process data to gain major business insights. Learn the detailed foundations of the Data Analytics course online and jump-start your career as a highly skilled Data Analyst.

Complete the Data Analyst course online free from this worldwide institute. Join us today to polish your analyzing techniques and at the same time increase the worth of your resume for job placement with our assistance. This Data Analyst course will make you an expert. You will also be able to learn analytics tools and relevant techniques such as how to work efficiently with SQL Database, R & Python, Data Visualization, how to effectively apply statistics and predictive analysis in a business-oriented environment.

Graduate in data analyst course free online with a certificate from SKYLINE IT TECH. Discover and explore your hidden talent with our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. You will get to know that you indeed could excel at quantitative data analysis with little effort. The data analyst course USA will be covering fundamentals of collecting, presenting, describing, and make inferences from the sets of collected data. We urge you to keep updating and polishing your skills by getting your hands on the latest knowledge that we could fulfil for you. You must adjust to the new trends, products, tools and business strategies to meet the emerging scenarios along with the rapid developments in technologies. For this and many other reasons, the need for Data Analysts is in high demand. You will learn the course in just a few months and with flexible hours of study per day. You will be given a schedule of curriculum to follow. After graduation from Skyineittech in a data analyst course online, you will be able to access high paid jobs in this competitive market.

Data Analysts make the organizations understand a true sense of quantitative data to make the most suited decisions that are profit-oriented. The data analysts prepare, analyze, visualize and answer the questions. The team makes decisions based on the solutions and key findings of the analysts. Data analysis course online addresses methods for managing and analyzing large data. Advancing markets require data analyst that tell them where the loopholes are and how to improve that shortcoming while making ever-increasing profits. This is the reason you could enhance your career worth by advancing your skills from our institute in the field of Data Analytics. The graduates of Skylineittech will be skilled to find patterns and details in large sets of data through visualization and other methods while demonstrating grip over the subject. Data Analytics is becoming ever-more relevant and imminent in many fields such as healthcare, Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Communication & Transport, Energy, Government or private organizations, the manufacturing industry and many more. Our Data Analytics curriculum is much more job placement-oriented than the usual data analytics course.

What is Analytics?

Analytics gets together theory and practice to highlight and convey data-driven insights that enable to allow the managers, all stakeholders and other relevant resources in the organization to make more profitable decisions. Highly skilled data analysts are well-trained to account for the competitive market and adjust their tactics accordingly. Our qualified teachers will prepare you to have a strong grip on probability theory, statistical modelling, data visualization, computer languages, database languages, software programs, predictive analytics and also risk management in context to the market competition. These skills will prove to be extremely useful in practical life.

Types of Data Analytics:

Data Analytics are of several types bringing value to your organization as follows:

  • Descriptive Analytics identifies that what has truly happened earlier such as monthly revenue, sales, web traffic and much more. Such findings will allow the organizations to make important decisions.
  • Diagnostics Analytics usually considers that why a trend happened by comparing descriptive data to highlight patterns. This will assist an organization to determine the cause of a positive or negative result.
  • Predictive Analytics seeks to highlight expected results by pre-emptly detecting tendencies in diagnostics analysis. This allows the organizations to take measures in advance and avoid any loss while keeping ahead of the game.
  • Perspective Analytics will identify what kind of action is to be taken for better results. But, this kind of analysis will present important value in the capability to address potential issues and trends. It mostly requires the utilization of algorithms such as those used in artificial learning or machine learning.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Data Analyst:

This section will answer the question that what does a Data Analyst do? So, the following are the roles:

  • Design & maintain databases
  • Design & maintain data systems
  • Use tools to interpret the data sets
  • Fix codes, errors and other data-related issues
  • Extract data from primary and secondary sources
  • Keeping up a close observation to the emerging trends
  • Organization of the collection or mine data for diagnostics
  • Present the importance of the work in the context of local, national and global trends that will affect the organization and industry.
  • Collaboration with the programmers, engineers and company`s leaders to highlight opportunities for the recommended suggestions, modifications and also, in the end, develop policies for better data governance.
  • Create the necessary and appropriate documentation that will allow the stakeholders to understand the phases of data analysis.

Skills Required for a Data Analysts:

Efficient and effective Data Analysts possess a combination of needed technical & leadership skills:

  • One must know database languages such as SQL, R or Python, spreadsheets like MS Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Data Visualization software that includes Tableau, Statistical skills is valuable to help collect, quantify, consolidate and then analyze.
  • Leadership skills prepare skilled data analysts to take the appropriate decisions while solving one or more problems well in time.

Data Analysis VS Data Science VS Business Analysis:

The data analysis in comparison with data science and business analysis is narrowed down to three roles such as:

  1. The Data analyst serves as a gatekeeper for the data of a company so that stakeholders may understand data and then utilize it to finalize strategic business decisions. This is a technical role that needs some kind of degree such as in analytics, computer science or math.
  2. The Business Analysis serves by utilizing the information that a data analyst highlights to highlight the issues and then present the best solutions to these issues. Business analysts must have some kind of degree such as business administration, economics and finance.
  3. The Data Scientist considers the data visualization created by the data analysts to the next level, by identifying loopholes, emerging trends or windows of opportunity. Data scientists must have degrees in math, computer science and also some knowledge about human social behaviour for better predictions.

Who may take up Data Analyst Course Online?

Aspiring career-oriented professionals from any background with any analytical skill may pursue the Data Analyst field that may include the professionals from:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • IT professionals
  • Banking & Finance

Job Opportunities after completion of Data Analysts Course Free Online:

Upon successful completion of the Data Analysts free, you will possess a set of analytical skills needed to secure your well-paid jobs and other potential job opportunities may include:

  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Data Analytics Leader/Manager

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