Telecommunication Business Analyst

Telecommunication Business Analyst

By joining award-winning Skylineittech, you get a chance to learn from some of the best faculty staff in North America. The talented mid sets will transfer every bit of knowledge to you offering a golden chance of shining out other business analysts (BA) in the market. We don’t just train but also assist you in placement at reputed institutions. Telecom business analysts must be aware of the telecom processes, guidelines, standards and in the telecom sector. We offer certifications such as eTOM, Framworx, SID, and TAM. Apart from having certification benefits, these will also help you to get a better job.

Communication is of crucial importance in every facet of modern life and business. The world and its business styles are continuously changing with the ever-increasing use of digitalization and telecommunication. Lightning connections and communications are key to business growth around the world this is where the responsibilities of a telecom business analyst come to assist. The telecom BA is a qualified professional who usually works to ensure the telecommunication systems are always maintained while working at optimum levels.

Skills Required for a Telecommunication Business Analyst:

A learned telecom BA must possess several sets of skills to function with maximum effort. You must have skills such as:

  • Network strategies and protocols
  • Knowledge and experience of OSI Seven Layer Model, LAN/WAN/IWAN/TCP/IPv4.
  • Know-how of TCP, IPv6, SNA, APPN, DLSW, SD LLC, Bisynch, EIGRP, OSPF and RIP
  • Possessing web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, SOAP
  • Knowledge of testing tools such as Win Runner, Load Runner, Quick Test Pro and PR Tracker
  • Having experience of Agile Modeling, Scrum, SDLC model, Waterfall model, Use Cases, JAD
  • Complete knowledge of SQL +, SQL Loader, MySQL and Toad
  • Middleware hands-on experience of middleware such as Web Sphere MQ 6.0z/OS, TIBCO and Oracle Fusion
  • Database know-how of Oracle, MySQL 5.0, IBM DB 2 9, MS SQL Server 2008/2012 along with learning business tools like MS Vision, MS Project, MS Access, MS Office Suites
  • A telecom business analyst must have experience of computer skills like PBX, CRM, CTI, ACD, IVR, Windows O/S, MS Office, Visio, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Adobe Suite CS4

The Telecommunication Business Analyst has to perform several duties such as:

  • A telecom BA is responsible for collecting, analyzing and creating comprehensive work products documenting requirements that may include validation and traceability for current and new applications assisting several business channels.
  • The BA must understand how organizations perform to accomplish their goals.
  • Facilitate communication between organizational units to meet the needs of the business.
  • The BAs provide technical support in the identification, evaluation and development of systems along with procedures that are budget-friendly while meeting user requirements.
  • Assess systems impacts, offer gap and processes analysis, in addition, and provide cost-benefit analysis.
  • Liaison between the user community and IT teams.
  • Plan, support and take part in working sessions.
  • Offer internal-user support.
  • Possess the ability to use and extract data from different systems like Enterprise Data Warehouse, Serena System, and also Telecom Expense Management System (TEM).
  • Knowledge of performing analysis of data through utilization of mathematical algorithms, Sortation, tools and spreadsheets.
  • Validate findings and check your own performance.
  • Create and generate reports that have the potential to communicate findings and seek feedback from stakeholders on a weekly basis.
  • Excellent time-management and multi-tasking skills.
  • Hands-on experience in analyzing invoices for accuracy.
  • Analyze and interpret results while utilizing standard tools and tricks.
  • Stay in touch with the suppliers, Accounts Payable, Supply Management and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Assist the client project manager.
  • Experience in BABOK methodology and SAP.
  • Capture requirements for T-Mobile billing enhancements and T-Mobile billing ODS.
  • Experience in mainframe-based applications running on an AS/00 platform.
  • Development and conduction of ad hoc analysis to identify the root cause of several challenges.
  • Liaison between technical and business staff.
  • Assistance in Amdocs Customer Management Ordering System, and Amdocs Billing.
  • Analyze requirements utilizing various methods such as sample data from SQL queries, screenshots, different reports, sourcing information and also other kinds of data models.
  • Design and implement database architecture such as UDM and Unified Data Model to assist different path applications.
  • Oversee end-to-end OSS/BSS solution architecture.
  • Support in the write-ups of test plans.
  • Support, manage and maintain WAN

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