Retail Business Analyst

Retail Business Analyst

Skylineittech possesses all the business analyst (BA) course training along with highly qualified faculty staff. We not only provide several courses but also help the participants with top-notch resume write up and assist in the placement at multi-national companies all over the world. A retail business analyst is a crucial piece of the puzzle in improving retail.

A retail BA requires to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis including customer behaviour, recent trends and much more. Program development that assists corporate timelines is also part of your duties.

Roles & Responsibilities of Retail Business Analyst:

The chief responsibilities of the retail business analyst are to help with the new client analytical report that will in future support to enhance the business sales. Other prominent roles involve:

  • Conduct merchandising &  financial analysis
  • Analyze sales reports
  • Evaluate retail performance
  • Provide recommendations to the clients
  • Create tracking reports for promotional activities
  • Coordinate with different departments
  • Enhance pricing strategies
  • Initiate & conduct promotional planning
  • A Bachelor degree in business or finance will be a bonus point
  • Work with all the stakeholders for the identification of business requirements
  • Documentation of business requirements
  • Lease closely with the business relationship function to better understand strategic needs
  • Apply business analysis
  • Effective communication with all the business stakeholders for efficient solutions
  • Produce infrastructure for the KPI program for the sales organization
  • Analyze, redesign and implement alterations
  • Conduct ad hoc reporting requirements for the executive management team
  • Perform simple SQL queries, create tables and generate reports in BO
  • Collect business requirements by carrying out detailed interviews with business users
  • Communicate and collaborate on a regular basis with higher management for better delivery of the duties
  • Manage schedules and collaborate with different teams on different levels
  • Provide BI analysis for the marketing team to review effects on key metrics with regard to the program
  • Capture functional and business requirements
  • Conduct mapping AS-IS & TO_BE
  • Implement business solutions
  • Evaluate, develop, deploy and configure new applications, systems, software, products or enhancements in existing applications
  • Transfer the knowledge back into the business support functions as the project progress towards completion

Required Skills for a Retail Business Analyst:

Retail BAs have to possess a good level set of skills for excellent performance that we also teach at Skylineittech as follows:

  • Sound experience in the retail industry
  • A good level of business analysis experience
  • Experience in working with data management
  • Know-how of complex matrix environment with internal and 3rd party resources
  • Field experience of documenting business processes using process methodologies
  • Knowledge of structured analysis techniques
  • Experience in structured analysis techniques
  • Ability to document requirements in a structured template
  • Ability to understand and adapt to different retail environments
  • Excellent public communication skills
  • Strong understanding of store operations, marketing, Omni-channel & supply chain
  • Analyze retail business thoroughly
  • Optimize retail operations
  • Develop sound retail growth strategies
  • Analyze customer behaviour and forward recommendations based on these observations

Retail has become a quite complex business and there is a steep shortage of retail business analysts along with retail consultants that have a good understanding of retail. There is also an acute shortage of knowledge on how to get a broader perspective of the retail business for these analysts are hired to offer detailed understanding and recommendations. But, you don’t have to worry about all this because after successfully graduating from our institutions not only will you possess a sound knowledge about the course but we will help you find the best-suited job. We will transform you into a retail Guru in the shortest time while helping you comprehend all the elements of the business. Thanks to our courses you will be a priceless member of any multinational retail chain.

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