Pharmaceuticals Business Analyst

Pharmaceuticals Business Analyst

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Roles of Pharma Business Analyst:

Pharmaceutical Business Analyst (BA) has to help in the following:

  • Project planning
  • medical, legal regulatory (MRL) submissions,
  • Presentations, training material & testing process.
  • Develop high-level expertise in the MRL review system and approval processes and manage the client inquiry to ensure client happiness.
  • Coordinate meetings with engagement,
  • Business intelligence and application teams.
  • The BAs have to collaborate with the team members regarding the business requirements and project status.
  • Edit application design template with the utmost attention.
  • Keep in touch and keep updating the real-time progress of the higher leadership.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical market.
  • Provide updated strategic direction for the salesforce system & also work with several stakeholders for the implementation of the best practices.
  • Provide system configuration, development, testing maintenance, security & access control, and data integrity.
  • Work hard on Salesforce configuration activities that may include customization and implementation of profiles, roles, security settings, custom applications, custom objects, custom fields, page layouts, workflow, validation rules, dashboards, reports, Salesforce, etc.
  • Understand business objectives and documentation of data models along with data migration requirements as part of a usual business process in any organization.
  • Manage risks while handling the ongoing tasks efficiently.
  • Prioritizations of tasks.
  • Coordination of QA, UAT, and live activities.
  • Define product requirements in communication with design & engineering.
  • Convey feature value and requirements to engineering teams.
  • Efficiently manage product backlog to prioritize feature development.
  • Prior review of features so that they bring value
  • Perform financial impact reports to forecast purchase trends
  • Collect, analyze, prepare and summarize recommendations for financial plans, acquisitions activities, future requirements trends.
  • Make ready and summarize the recommendations for a financial plan.
  • Deeply analyze customer data for identifications and diminishing returns.
  • Having the ability to sort out the complex issues being faced on a daily
  • Multitasking aptitude.
  • Coordinate with clients with different backgrounds with complete adaptability.
  • Always upholding high standards of duty.
  • Keeping up with the high-paced work environment.

Skills Required for Pharma Business Analyst:

A diverse set of skills are required as follows:

  • Client service-oriented
  • Project management skills
  • Process improvement
  • Self-motivated
  • The BA must understand T-SQL
  • SQL Server 2016
  • Analytical & problem-solving skills
  • Flexible team member
  • Complete knowledge of MS package
  • Decent exposure to R, Python and C++
  • Database design
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
  • Strong communication skills
  • A decent knowledge of Tableau & ERP Software EDI
  • EDI

As a BA you might have to manage tasks efficiently for timely completion. Reviewing and interrogating the systems you determine the best practices for streamlining the process. You will be facing every day with a new set of challenges that might be harder than the previous ones testing your abilities as a Pharma BA. You might have to work on several projects at a time. To assist the team you have to be well-versed about the market and its newly emerging trends that will certainly uplift the organization. You will have to focus on the customer to comprehend their requirements and needs while using good judgment of the decisions taken.

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