Healthcare Business Analyst

Healthcare Business Analyst

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A healthcare business analyst (BA) must determine and identify the problems and recommend suggestions for swift and sustainable improvements. They must also assess the financial activities of the health institution to better manage the expenses. If you possess health management or business administration then it will be considered as a bonus for your career.

The primary function of a healthcare business analyst is to seek efficiency in the system and ensure higher profits. Other certifications from recognized institutions such as IIBA or Skylineittech would give an edge in your placements and demand in the market. A healthcare BA must define issues and highlight the loopholes that could be improved. The BAs would also have to negotiate the bulk medicine purchase for managing costs and expenditures. After thorough research and investigation, the BAs reconvene, review findings and suggest solutions using different software tools.

Healthcare business analysts have to use all the skills and resources for better performance and swift results such as management, finance, and research and data analysis. In addition to the business processes, healthcare BAs may also have to review financial statements for the efficient management of patients, electronic health records (EHRs). The increasing significance of EHRs in the healthcare domains has fueled the existing growth of the health informatics sector. Health informatics is sometimes also known as health information systems known as one of the common concentrations for aspirants seeking a career as a health business analyst.

Duties of Healthcare Business Analysts:

The job specifications of a healthcare BA may vary from one organization to another and so as duties such as:

  • Collecting, organizing and evaluating the available information like financial statements, vendor contracts and HER system specifications.
  • Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders while conducting interviews as per the need to better understand the latest practice.
  • Determine the areas for improvement.
  • Analyze the revenue of the organization for profit, losses, and present employment levels to give suggestions for the improvement in expenditures.
  • Draw alternate plans & solutions for effective implementations.
  • Carry out technical tasks such as creating business requirements, user manuals for training along with guides.
  • Help in project management at several levels that may include research, testing & implementation of latest systems.
  • Deliver written and verbal presentations to the higher management/leadership while conveying key findings.
  • Updates on business process adjustments.
  • In-depth analysis, utilizing spreadsheets or any other tools for example project management software and traceability solutions.
  • Timely review the progress of recommended and implemented changes to check the performance.
  • Utilize MS package, SQL, Apache Hive, Hadoop, data visualization and dashboard solutions.
  • Use software development latest practices such as Agile & Waterfall.

What is Health Informatics?

Health informatics covers healthcare data management to enhance communications. The reason is that informatics is directly proportional to the efficiency of the organization. Informatics-centric business analyst tasks may include:

  • Ensure safe handling of EHRs and other clinical operational data.
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues in the system.
  • Maintenance of database and other tech systems involved in record-keeping, retrieval and distribution.
  • Collection of business requirements for new projects.

How to be a Healthcare Business Analyst:

Healthcare BAs needs to possess a Bachelor’s degree in the related field along with sound experience in the healthcare atmosphere. A degree in healthcare, business, nursing, administration or public health will be a plus point for you. As we have mentioned earlier, a healthcare-centric program is considered to be the most efficient way for acquiring the much-needed expertise for a healthcare business analyst position.

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