Banking Business Analyst

Banking Business Analyst

Skylineittech offers diverse Business Analyst (BA) courses, along with the necessary training, resume building and placements. Our trained BAs have the potential to serve in the banking sector as well.

Banking analysts guide financial companies and banking institutions in financial matters. The BAs analyze annual results and costs of the companies to assist them to make a solid financial decision. They highlight market trends and potential markets along with carrying out a detailed investigation of companies.

Analysts would have to work with industry and other experts across a wide variety of teams, including consumer lending, deposits, payments, business banking and home lending.

The banking analyst has to gain an understanding of clients and their needs from the company. Then after detailed deliberations utilize the findings to enhance present conditions, policies, strategies and plans.

Needed Technical & Professional Expertise:

A banking business analyst must have several technical and professional expertise to prepare and analyze financial reports, build financial models, develop well-versed presentations and also conduct industry comparative analysis. When you graduate from our institution you will possess a set of skills enabling you to provide the needed expertise.

The required expertise are as follows:

  • To excel in the industry you must possess sound experience in the industry.
  • Collecting, analyzing and documenting business requirements from customers.
  • Development of business cases to assist clients in their business growth.
  • If you consider yourself a banking BA then you must possess experience in risk management.
  • Fast learning skills for analytical problem solutions.
  • Fast learner and adaption to newly emerging technologies and also convince clients to adopt new efficient technology.
  • Excellent pressure handling.
  • Superb communication skills to convey the requirements from the client to the team.
  • A creative mindset to think out of the box.

From carrying out credit reviews for borrowers to analyzing deposits and other kinds of transactions, banking business analysts accomplish financial analysis to ensure the efficient operations of banking institutions. Furthermore, the banking BAs may also work for other financial institutions such as mortgage companies, investment firms and credit unions. Usually, the banking BAs work in a fast environment where the reports submitted are needed to complete loan applications, approve the credit lines, open accounts and time-bound matters. The banking BAs work full time with an institution or with a private consultant. The BAs have to work in coordination with bank managers, underwriters, loan officers.

A banking business analyst has to provide analytical, marketing and research data to assist banking activities along with the collection of data, analysis and project management. The BA must also liaison with the senior management officers, finance department, understand data and business requirements. Then these requirements are to be translated to improve efficiency. A banking  BA also has to analyze the creditworthiness of banking clients, prepare financial and market analysis, formulate analysis that may include deposits, interests, corporate banking, and cash management.

Crucial Functions:

A Banking Business Analyst has to perform several functions such as:

  • Research, analyze, create and maintain policies.
  • Interpret the true essence of documents.
  • Closely observe existing practices across multiple departments with similar nature of departments.
  • Determine bottlenecks and evaluate the best solutions.
  • Perform impact analysis.
  • Inter-relate KPIs and adapt to business variables for the improvement of effectiveness.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis.

Roles of Banking Business Analysts:

There are many key roles of a banking BA and prominent ones are mentioned as follows:

  • Analyze Banking Transactions
  • Review Loan & Credit Applications
  • Structure Financial Arrangements for Clients
  • Ensure the Compliance with Banking Rules & Regulations

Banking Business Analyst Skills & Qualifications:

The role and duties of a banking business analyst are marked by a set of solid analytical skills applied in a time-bound environment along with a comprehensive knowledge of the banking system. The skills and qualifications required are as follows:

  • Computer Skills
  • Financial Management Skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Strict time management
  • Decision-making skills
  • Organization skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

We at Skylineittech offer great teamwork along with a productive and learning environment for course participants, training & development, resume building, job placements and a sound career opportunity.

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