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When you enroll in Business Analyst training, you’ll delve into the role and responsibilities of the business analyst (BA) – the communication link between all business areas and a critical player in project success.

Learn techniques for ensuring project success every step of the way-from identifying and analyzing potential projects to making sure that the final project product meets the requirements you identified.

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to define the scope of work and master requirements-gathering techniques that will work for a variety of projects and audiences. You’ll consider the unique needs of customers, stakeholders, and the IT department as you work toward building, documenting, communicating, and managing requirements.

Become a Business Analyst:

The course aims to provide a comprehensive experience to the participants. The course will also allow gaining know-how of Business Analyst (BA) functions in the USA & Canada, along with in several domains such as Travel & Tourism, Health, and Airlines etc. The course is carefully developed to address real-world scenarios with in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Knowledge distribution on the processes of the businesses are as follows:

  • Integrated management of inventory control
  • Real-time Inventory monitoring
  • Active pricing mechanism and rate management insights
  • Real-time tracking and location of all the goods
  • Collect and evaluate client information
  • Management of order completion
  • Analysis of sales across different media

Business analysis is considered to be a procedure of critical research to highlight the business requirements and help decide solutions to the business solutions that may include software development along with process improvement, organizational alteration, strategic planning and policy development. The business analyst works closely with all the involved stakeholders to highlight their business prerequisites and come up with the needed solutions. The analysts also collect the needed conditions and potential of the company, constantly document them, and complete them in a sequence that would be useful for the design and delivery team.

Business Analyst job potential In the US and Canada:

There is a huge growth potential of Business Analysts in Canada and the USA due to the demanding need of the people with this qualification to have the knowledge and experience to grow business-related sales. This is the reason that the Business Analysts are well-paid starting from $60k to more than $100K per annum. According to a business analyst study conducted in Canada, business analysts are the most demanded professionals due to their usefulness. The profession is also ranked among the top-ranked growing jobs in North America. a 14% job growth projection is expected from 2014 to 2024.

Bas interacts with both the users and business leaders to grasp an understanding of how data-linked changes take effect to be processed and how products, services, software and hardware can improve efficiencies and add value to the system. The Bas must float the ideas but one also has to keep in mind technological feasibility, financial and functional efficiency. Depending on the role and company requirements, the BA might have to work with data for improving products, hardware, tools, services or processes.

The high demand of the BAs is due to the set of adaptive skills, noticeable communication and analysis skills that enable them to perform critical analysis to determine the needs, reasons to change, describe and describe solutions that will ensure delivery of the value additions to the system. The solutions offered by the BAs may include software development and inclusion into the business making matters smooth and transparent, improving processes, policy development and many other needed changes.

Top Industries with mounting demand for Business Analysts:

Although in Canada and the USA the need for Bas is high in almost every sector some consider the Bas crucial part of the business such as:

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Airlines
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunication
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance (Life & Property)

Who Should Attend this Training Course?

First of all, it is pertinent to mention that this course aims to offer participants with a globally accepted experience and know-how to carry out the job as a Business Analyst in several diverse domains like mentioned above. This Business Analyst course has been developed by a team of highly qualified experts with global recognition in the field of business analysis. The courses have the potential to prepare the participants for real-world scenarios.

A range of participants can take these courses such as:

  • Fresh graduates who want to start a growth-oriented career in the IT and industry sector.
  • Candidates do jobs in different industries that may include healthcare, Airlines, entrepreneurs and many other professionals.
  • The candidates work in the IT industry as software developers, technical architects, quality analysts, system analysts and others.
  • This course is also for those who are in the initial levels of business analysts and want to enhance their knowledge and experience.
  • If you are switching your career from any other analyst to a business analyst.
  • If you have been working as a business analyst without any prior formal education and now want to get yourself properly educated about this then this course is indeed for you.
  • You want to increase your income cap then join this course to enhance your already successful job portfolio. After availing of this course you can easily increase your salary ceiling from an average of $60K to a whopping $120K that could serve all your needs and wishes and lets you live a lavish life.
  • There is a guaranteed 10-year job growth for IT Business Analyst that amounts to 42% so growth-oriented professionals must join this course
  • Those who want to professionally learn BA tools and software such as MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook, SQL Google Analytics and Tableau. These and several other tools help Bas to gather and sort out the data, develop graphs, write documents and design visualizations to describe the findings.


Our training programs cover a wide spectrum of key topics in affiliation with International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) certifications. A comprehensive set of learning procedures is followed by us to give you complete knowledge of the subject matter in less time so that when you apply this knowledge in real-scenarios the results are 100%. These certifications also assist the newcomers to jump start their successful careers in no time with countless offers and opportunities from renowned companies in the market. The certifications include:

  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA)
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • Entry Candidates in Business Analysis (ECBA)
  • Certification for competency in Business Analysis (CCBA)
  • certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • Agile Analysis Certification (AAC)
  • Certification in Business Data Analysis (CBDA)
  • IQBBA Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE)
  • PMI Professional in Business Analysis
  • Business Analyst Masters Program
  • Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA)
  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis (CCA)
  • Academic Business Analysis Certificate (ABAC)
  • Certificate in Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA)
  • Certification Advanced Level Business Analyst (CALBA)
  • Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)

Post Training Preparation & Placement Assistances:

We are offering post-training preparation and placement assistance that is necessary as follows:

  • Coaching & Training for basic skills crucial in a project
  • Theoretical assignments to determine and assist in understanding the initial concept of Business Analysis in an IT project.
  • Project assignments daily
  • Mock interview to prepare you for a job interview
  • Assistance and guidance to make and submit resumes to the clients

Business Analysis Course Highlights:

Some of the prominent features of our offered Business Analyst Courses are as follow:

  • Courses cover domains such as BA, PM, QA, Health & Finance
  • Real-time online classes offering face to face coaching
  • Training materials and recorded audio/video for reference
  • Software and tools training
  • Real-time discussions on real scenarios in different domains
  • Guidance on Resume & interview preparation
  • Project management and quality analysis training

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