Quality Assurance Manual Testing

Quality Assurance Manual Testing

Quality Assurance Manual Testing and Manual Quality Assurance Training are offered at SKYLINE IT TECH with 100% satisfaction. Our IT courses are job placement oriented designed to land you an excellent job in any multi-natio0nal company. Quality Assurance (QA) Manual Testing Course, as the name suggests is when manual software testing occurs. The tests are performed gradually in sequential order by the QA testers, without the help of automated tools.To elaborate further, QA Manual Testing is a kind of process in which the QA testers compare the software performance with pre-defined performance that are set in initial phases.

Any development of the application should be manually tested. Manual testing needs more effort than automated testing. Several manual testing concepts don’t need knowledge of the testing tool. A famous fundamental of manual testing is that “100% Automation is impossible”.

Quality Assurance Manual Testing Types:

Following are the Quality Assurance Manual Testing Types:

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

The Ways to Perform Manual Testing:

There are several ways to perform Manual Testing:

  • Read carefully and understand completely the software project documents.
  • Carefully study the Application Under Test (AUT) if it is available.
  • Draft the test cases, which cover all the needs mentioned in the documents.
  • Review the test cases with team leaders.
  • Perform the test cases on AUT.
  • Report Bugs, if found.

Why the need for QA Manual Testing:

With the emerging trends on daily basis in the software sector, ever-increasing software experts prefer automated testing, but still today the significance of Manual QA Online Course is not taken for granted. A few are as follows:

  • Human Perspective
  • A wider perspective and variation of the system workflows
  • Cost-effective
  • Un-automated circumstances

When is the Need for QA Manual Testing?

A question that must be in your mind that when exactly to be the QA manual tests should be run or what scenarios compel us to go for the manual testing.  Following are some of the scenarios to answer your question:

  • Adhoc Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Localization testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • End-to-end Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Functional Testing

Required Skills for Executing QA Manual Testing:

Following are the required skills for executing QA manual testing:

  • Capable of generating detailed reports
  • Analytical skills
  • Agile Methodology
  • Technical Testing Capability
  • Planning and execution

Quality Assurance Manual Testing Course Coverage:

The QA Assurance manual Testing Course will cover the following:

  • Fundamentals of Software Quality Assurance Manual Testing: In this module, the course participants will grab the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and several stages of Software Development Test Cycle (SDTC), testing of the concepts, documentation test, roles and duties of Quality Assurance and system testing, test environments, tests of management process, tools, types & methods, techniques & definitions according to the international standards. This module will also include Black Box VS White Box testing stage, GUI testing, Adhoc Testing, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing, Acceptance testing, Localization Testing, Compatibility Testing, End-to-end Testing, GUI Testing and Functional Testing. The participants will be getting the practical and theoretical QA manual testing training that may also include test plans, test scenarios, defects and others.
  • Agile Methodology & Scrum: This module will enable participants to learn the main difference between traditional sequential development (Waterfall) and also Agile Methodology, Rapid Application Development (RAD). Additionally, many aspects of Agile are different from Waterfall and it is often helpful for the persons to understand its rules.
  • Bug Report Significant Tools: This module will help the students to learn the basics of JIRA that will include issues, projects and also workflows. Additionally, JIRA Workspace, JIRA/ Kanban Dashboard and significant elements of work with the issues and FogBugz-projects management software assists you to consume less time.

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