Quality Assurance Automation Testing

Quality Assurance Automation Testing

Quality Assurance Automation Testing is commonly referred to as a kind of software to perform tests on the software that are being developed. Earlier, the tests were in non-automated ways. With the introduction of automation quality assurance (QA) testing, the convenience of testing software has exponentially enhanced. With QA automation tester, you could make the process much more efficient. Our highly qualified teaching staff will enable you to master the needed skills for QA testing software. Automation Testing Certification Courses are designed to offer the best quality QA automation training with real-time work projects to give you a hands-on experience of the situation that you might face while performing your duties at a job.

Software quality assurance is the most crucial process in the software sector and an IT company developing an application is well aware of the significance. It is considered a common practice for IT companies to outsource the QA part of the software development cycle. Several types of software could be automated such as follows:

  • Unit Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Keyword Testing
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Smoke Testing

Following are some of the best QA automation tools:

    • Lambda Test
    • Testim
    • Kobiton
    • Appsurify
    • Mabl
  • ApliTools
  • QA Wolf
  • Zebrunner
  • Testproject
  • Katalon Studio

QA Consulting Services-part of automation testing are as follows:

  • API & Micro Service Testing
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Native (iOS & Android) mobile application testing service
  • Websites, Web applications and mobile web apps testing
  • IoT devices, applications and relevant hardware testing

SKYLINE IT TECH is the name of an institute that is known for offering quality theoretical and practical knowledge to students from all over the world. Open Source QA Testing Tools are as follows:

  • Selenium WebDriver: Automating web apps testing
  • Appium: Testing local applications and mobile-web applications
  • SpecFlow: Load Testing of Web/Mobile/API
  • SoapUI: API Testing tool for Soap & Rest APIs
  • Instruments: A utility that comes with the Xcode to final check the memory use of the iOS application

Following are the exclusive QA Testing Tools:

  • HPE Unified Functional Testing
  • Load Runner
  • SoapUI Pro
  • JIRA

QA Automation Testing Courses will offer you several benefits such as follows:

  • It saves time by avoiding the requirement to write extensive test scripts
  • The test scripts are reusable that is required to be written utilizing automation tools
  • It could also be utilized alongside the manual testing procedures to finally crosscheck the results of tests
  • Bugs could also be detected during the development stage
  • The tests could be performed round the clock 24/7 without the requirement of manual input
  • You can easily perform your test scripts on the complete network or several devices at the same time. 
  • The generated reports are detailed and give the details such as scripts performed, scheduled, found bugs and fixed. 
  • Automated Testing may include testing of the web apps on all the browsers.
  • The best benefits are the reduced requirement of software testers.
  • Automated testing is perfect for user conditions because GUI testing is quite time-consuming and comprise repetitive actions for testers. 

The Method of QA Automation Testing & How it Works:

SKYLINE IT TECH will make sure that you completely understand the Quality Assurance Automation testing process that still requires a comprehensive understanding of programming to write the scripts, which are involved in the performance of the tests. Commonly, Skylineittech will make you grab the understanding to write the excellent source code for your automated QA tests. Furthermore, the institute will also provide you with the knowledge to run codeless testing software. There are 2 main ways that you will learn from automation QA testing such as follows:

  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) testing
  • API testing 

With SKYLINE IT TECH automation courses you will excel at automated testing that is the future of quality assurance.

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