Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Training Course Introduction:

SKYLINE IT TECH offers a 100% job-placement Quality Assurance (AQ) training course online with real-time projects to give you hands-on experience. It is quite an excellent platform to provide the best quality analysis to the clients. The main job of a Quality assurance expert is to highlight the shortcomings in the operations and ensure smooth working of the mechanism while improving as well. The Quality Assurance course will offer you all the needed aspects of the software quality assurance process to maintain and improve the quality.

The Quality Assurance course certification may include structured content with every section, helpful lecture presentations along with real-time demonstration and a hands-on practical approach. The course is specifically designed for fresh graduates and also experienced professionals to learn & improve skills.

Become a skilled Quality Assurance Specialist with us and jump-start or further excel in this field. At SKYLINEIT TECH we will teach you the Quality Assurance program from every aspect in just a matter of a few months and you could go into the market to compete for any competition from flying colours. This course will make you proficient in:

  • Manual Testing 
  • Automation Testing
  • Different Domains like Banking & Finance, Healthcare and also Telecom
  • Testing on different conditions such as SAP, ETL, Web Services and Mobile App Testing

Why consider choosing a Software Quality Assurance Specialist Career?

Software Quality Assurance testers are mainly responsible for testing software to make sure that there remain no bugs in the system. The QA testers also ensure the user interface is efficient so it will be much easier for the customers to use the software. For the clients to use the software any time anywhere. The QA specialist pay scales are excellent anywhere around the world. Top magazines have listed the QA specialists, a high paid job at the moment. If you want to launch your never-ending career in QA then our Quality Assurance certification course is the right kind of IT training course that is going to pay you excellently worldwide.

Quality Assurance training is a kind of career that is not domain-dependent because almost every field now requires Quality Assurance specialists to improve their business. Especially the IT sector is in high demand of QA specialists. For the Quality Assurance testing course, Skylineittech offers the best job-placement oriented QA online training to individuals. We offer comprehensive solutions for Software Quality Assurance testing tools that may include QA Manual Testing & QA Automation Testing. Our teaching faculty possess years of relevant experience in Software Quality Assurance and Testing.

Accomplishment after the Completion of Quality Assurance Training Course:

After completion of the Quality Assurance training, you will be able to achieve milestones such as:

  • Land the best Quality Assurance expert job in any of multi-national companies.
  • Our real-time project work training during the QA training will enable you to apply the skills confidently and manage any kind of challenge that may arise during your job.
  • Our real-situation interviews and discussion will enhance your knowledge, confidence, proficiency and high morale that you will need for the rest of your career.

Skills Required for Software Quality Assurance:

Several skills are required to master the skills becoming QA experts such as follows:

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in groups and individually
  • Time management skills
  • Data analysis skills
  • Client dealing
  • Flexible team member
  • Preferably Computer Science Bachelor Degree

Quality Assurance Automation Testing:

Quality Assurance Automation Testing is usually referred to as a separate software to run tests on the software that you are developing. Previously, these tests had to be run by themselves. But with automation in the testing process, the convenience has increased manifold. The software could handle multiple tasks at a time with minimum human effort. The automation testing course online is taught by SKYLINE IT TEC with complete satisfaction of the participants. The ways to incorporate the QA automation are as follows:

  • Development of tests from scratch with the help of your team
  • Use of codeless test automation software designed for non-coders
  • Outsourcing your tests to a third party

How does QA Automation Testing Work?

SKYLINE IT TECH will ensure that you fully understand the testing process that still needs some understanding of programming to write the script that is involved in the performance of the tests. Usually, we will make you learn to write the source code for your QA tests. Additionally, we will also give the knowledge to run codeless testing software. There are two main ways that you will learn for automated QA testing as follows:

  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) testing
  • API testing

GUI testing is a kind of QA testing that replicates the user experience. For instance, it can perform a series of mouse clicks and keystrokes to make sure that the program works as programmed while recording any errors for review. Whereas, the GUI testing is similar to the kinds of tests, which could be run by hand. Automation makes the process much more efficient and eliminates human errors.

The API testing is used to test the application programming interface that does not have GUI and thus requires to be put to test at the message layer. These tests could be used to assess both third-party APIs and also built-in-house. The emphasis is on the testing end-to-end transaction as well as individuals software components. You will also learn that API tests can also use service virtualization to reflect the behaviour of every individual component.

Manual Testing:

We assure you that by the end of the course you will be able to perform manual testing on your own in any environment or conditions and get the required results. The manual testing course online will enable you to understand that it is a type of software testing in which test cases are performed manually by a tester without using any automated tools. The focus of manual testing is to identify the bugs, issues and defects in the application software. This type of testing is the most early-used technique of all testing kinds and it assists to highlight bugs in the application.

Any application must be manually tested before it could be taken through automated testing. The manual testing course online from SKYLINE IT TECH will enable you to understand that manual software testing although requires more effort it is crucial to check automation feasibility. You will also understand that 100% automation is impossible, which makes manual testing imminent.

Manual Testing Goal:

  • The main concept of manual testing is to make sure that the application is bug-free and it is functioning as intended according to the given instructions.
  • Test Suites or cases that were designed while the testing phase
  • It also has to make sure that reported errors are fixed by the developers and re-testing has been performed.
  • It checks the quality of the system and delivers the error-free product to the clients.

Kinds of Manual Testing:

There are several types of manual testing as follows:

  • Black Box Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • System Testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing

Ways to perform Manual Testing:

Following are the ways to perform manual testing:

  • First of all, go through the software manual/guide along with the Application Under Test (AUT)
  • Draft test cases covering all the needs mentioned in the documents
  • Review the test cases with the team lead
  • Perform the test cases on AUT
  • Report any bugs

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