Python Data Analyst

Python Data Analyst


Gain the career-placement Python Data Analyst skills by graduating from SKYLINE IT TECH. IT training courses online are offered with a complete skill set to excel in the IT market. With minimum coding knowledge, you could avail of this course and learn to clean, import manipulates and visualize data. This set of skills are mandatory for any data researcher. With lots of exercise with the help of our highly qualified teaching staff, you will be able to master the skill in Python libraries, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib and many more. We will also provide you hands-on experience with real-time datasets such as that may include Titanic before moving on to the SQL skill set. Join today and grow your Python skills leading to a world-class confident career.

Python is one of the most usual and popularly used languages preferred by many leading data analysts to work with the data analysis process from preparing data to performing statistical analysis and presenting meaningful data visualization. You will become an excellent Python Data Analyst by learning tools and libraries to work with data analysis processes. We will be covering Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, Scipy and SciKit-learn and then apply them in practical analysis. You will be also made skilled by making you learn to efficiently use Jupyter Notebook to operate and manipulate data using NumPy and the Pandas library. In addition, you would be able to build simple predictive models and statistical computing along with analysis using Python tools.

The technical skills of a Python Data Analyst are in high demand. Today`s world is data-dependent and data analysts are imminent for the growth of any sector. This career is great to increase your income worth. Write codes, build coveted data analyst skills most conveniently. Build your knowledge of basic and intermediate Python programming concepts, master the skills of statistics and probabilities, explore the collaboration tools such as Git and SQL database, discover and polish proficiency in data cleaning and visualization. With our exclusive Python course, we will fully guide you through each highly latest skill needed to become a job-place ready data analyst. Following are the most in-demand data skills:

  • Python Programming
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Data Analysis
  • SQL Databases
  • Probability And Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Git & Version Control
  • Command-Line/Bash

By the time you graduate from our institute, you will be a master in Python skills analysis. You will be an expert in data analysis, data visualization, python fundamentals, and query databases with SQL and statistics with a lot more. Following is the crux of the Python Data Analyst course:

  • Our Data Analyst in Python career is a series of courses that may include python fundamentals to advanced topics such as web scraping and SQL for data analysis and everything about it.
  • You will be taught to write code and answer practice problems to enhance retention.
  • At the end of this course, you will accomplish a guided project to apply our newly taught skills while enhancing your portfolio.
  • We will also help you make build the most compelling resume and job placement in multi-national companies.

The Role of Data Analyst:

A python data analyst uses programming tools to mine large amounts of complex data and also explore the required information such as:

Domain Expertise:

To mine data and come up with insights, you must know the Python language domain.

Programming Skills:

You must also know the relevant libraries to clean data, mine data, and gain insights out of it.

Visualization Skills:

A python data analyst must have the data visualization skills to summarize and present to the third party.


Data Analysts in python must have the polished communication skills to effectively and efficiently communicate finding to the stakeholders.


A python data analyst would be needing to apply some statistical tools to interpret meaning from the data.

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